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Lymphatic Detox and Vibrant Immunity in an Age of False Promises

Join Caitlin Woolery CCMH™ for an in-depth exploration of the lymphatic system, our body's essential waterway for immune function and detoxification. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of how the lymphatic system operates and its critical role in maintaining vibrant health. Key features include:

  • Three Insightful Videos: Accompanied by a detailed study guide, these videos serve as a core learning tool.
  • Understanding the Lymphatic System: Dive into the intricacies of lymph vessels, nodes, ducts, and glands, and discover their significance in our "inner ocean".
  • Primary Functions of Lymphatic Immunity: Learn about microcirculation, fat digestion, and immunity, emphasizing the removal of toxins and maintenance of fluid balance.
  • Herbal Remedies and Nutrition: Gain knowledge on specific herbs and their benefits for the lymphatic system, along with dietary tips that support immune health.
  • Tissue State and Terrain vs. Germ Theory: Explore advanced herbalism concepts and understand the importance of maintaining a balanced internal ecosystem to combat pathogens.
  • Practical Applications: Practical advice on using herbal remedies effectively to enhance lymphatic function and overall health.

By the end of this course, participants will have a solid foundation in managing their lymphatic health through natural remedies, dietary choices, and understanding the body's innate ability to heal and protect itself. Join us to empower your journey towards a healthier, more resilient body.