Ā Specialty Lab Work

Lab and Diagnosis


Gut Microbiome Testing

The bacteria in the gut is the foundation of immunity and digestion. Once we know which bacteria need balancing, we can re-establish proper colonies with very specific spore-based probiotic therapy.

This is crucial for any person suffering from auto-immune diseases, chronic illness, digestive disorders, and diseases of the colon such as Crohn's, IBS, ulcerative colitis, etc. Full gut restoration is a 3-9 month rehabilitation process and treatment is based on test results.


MTHFR and Methylation Testing

This panel is particularly important for autism. Methylation issues and genetic mutations of genes like MTHFR, MAO, and COMT are critical to the proper detoxification of toxins and stress hormones/neurotransmitters. In most autistic children, the stress hormones and toxins are not breaking down and this causes the brain to be overwhelmed. This extreme stress response causes speech, mood and behavioral issues. I highly recommend we run both thorough medical genetic testing alongside a methylation panel. From there we will know the exact custom nutrients, supplements and herbs needed to bring methylation into balance.


Hormone Testing

Comprehensive saliva testing to determine cortisol and stress hormone rhythms throughout the day.

These tests identify stages of adrenal fatigue and determine what nutrients are needed to bring the body into balance. Tests also show the sex hormones and their ratios to one another. Upon diagnostics, the lab custom blends transdermal creams based entirely on the individual needs and the imbalances shown by the lab results. Creams are non-prescriptive bio-identical plant based hormone support for sleep, stress and menstrual cycle disorders.

This is excellent for pubescent teens, women with any type of hormonal issue, peri and menopausal woman. Call for pricing, lab costs and creams vary.


Neurotransmitter Testing

Neurotransmitter testing shows chemical imbalances in the brain chemistry and is incredibly beneficial for anyone suffering from mood related issues like anxiety, depression or insomnia.

These tests are also wonderful tools for bi-polar, Schizophrenia and especially addiction. Science has shown us that most addiction, mood and personality disorders are largely related to nutritional imbalances. Once we are able to see which chemical reactions are compromised, we can aid the body with supplements and nutrition and return the person to a state of health.

Test prices vary, please call to schedule an appointment.


Food Allergy IgG Blood

Testing This blood test that reveals which foods are causing an IgG allergic response in the body.

Long term exposure to certain foods can lead to inflammatory chemicals like histamine being released from the immune system. It can cause the gut lining to become permeable and let undigested food particles into the blood stream. This is the root of auto-immune disorder. Identifying and eliminating the triggering foods is the first step back to health.

This test is important for anyone dealing with digestive disorders or immune related illnesses. Also available with the IgG test is a leaky gut analysis.


Hair and Urine Heavy Metal Analysis

Hair and urine testing metal and mineral testing reveals toxic level of exposure and deficiencies. Where minerals are deficient, heavy metals lodge into the tissues and cause a tremendous amount of symptoms.

Much of the time when doctors can't figure out what is wrong with a patient or why they aren't healing, the root is a heavy metal overload.

We can begin safe and effective heavy metal chelation therapy once results are complete.


Toxic mold IgE Mycotoxin Sampling

Developed for people who have been chronically exposed to toxic mold, either in their home, car, workplace or food.

This tests 11 different mycotoxins from 40 species of the most dangerous mold strains. Since mold exposure hides itself in a wide range of symptoms, it is often misdiagnosed as other illnesses and a person's health will continue to fail. After results come back, we bind and detox the exact strain of mold, build the immune system and return to health.


Comprehensive Chronic Fatigue Panel

Chronic fatigue and exhaustion is extremely difficult to treat, diagnose and cure because there are so many possible causes and factors.

This extensive panel is designed to get to the root of CFS and fibromyalgia. It tests environmental toxic burden, heavy metal burden, organic acids metabolic function, IgG food allergen and inflammation response, Candida, parasite and yeast overgrowth, glyposphate poisoning and heavy metal poisoning.

From here the root cause is established and comprehensive treatment can begin.


Lyme and Tick Born Panels

Lyme disease is considered the great mimicker of other diseases and can be extremely difficult to reach a diagnosis with standard Western labs.

Western labs are based on the immunological response only, and will show high rates of false negative results as the bacterium evolve and the body stops making antibodies. This testing however, is based on a PCR panel that targets the DNA of the bacterium, which will detect the organism even if it's hiding out of the bloodstream.

The tests determine the presence of Bartonella, Babesia, Borellia, and up 88 other types of pathogenic invaders

  • Iron+ Total Binding Capacity Test (for Hemochromatosis and iron-related illnesses)
  • Calcium-Magnesium Profile (for oxalates, stones, joints, and calcifications)
  • Zinc-Copper ratios (for mental illness, hormone problems, immune problems)
  • True Vitamin D Panel (for all chronic illnesses in the age of Co-vid)
  • ADHD Panel (for any child or adult needing true solutions and alternatives to medication)
  •  Autism Panel (comprehensive panel for any child needing help balancing methylation, minerals, metals, gut and detox pathways)
  • Advanced Homocysteine Panel (for cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders and cancer)
  • Advanced Cholesterol Panel (as related to nervous system disorders, mental illness, and other chronic forms of disease)

***Many labs are covered by insurance, and some are out of pocket.